In 2016 I traveled to Israel with eleven JCC colleagues. This trip is funded by an endowment from Sandy and Linda Gallanter, whose generosity enables staff the opportunity to experience Israel first-hand. We were the tenth cohort and were led by Ariel Goldstein and Jhos Singer from JCCSF and Sharon, an independent travel guide.  This experience was once-in-a-lifetime and covered a vast territory, history, and politics. My experience was deepened by the caliber of colleagues traveling with me.  I was encouraged to set my video camera aside so I could fully experience our trip.  Along the trip I found plenty of chances to capture moments because it’s what I love to do and I knew we were going to make a video of the trip.  Under the superb direction of JCCSF Media Team Manager, Laura Wainer, she shaped a story from my footage and others’ video and photos that captured the breadth and emotion of our experience.